Gamme Points de vente

As much as our wines reflect the terroir of their established roots along the Pieknierskloof mountains, so our labels take inspiration from the soldiers that once protected the pass. Distinguished by their unique attire and long lances, the Dutch Piekerniers (soldiers) are our selected icons for the expansive Pieknierskloof Pass. With two decades of democracy behind us, we thought we’d effectively ‘disarm’ our soldiers, placing their efforts into more constructive and fruitful actions for our labels.

Following an almost balletic routine of stances and gestures, we’ve reappropriated our soldiers to represent a relevant philosophical or practical positive that talks to everything we are about – philosophy, peace, liberty and freedom, new beginnings, foundations, establishing new roots, harvest and enjoying the fruits of our labour. We’ve topped our look with a vibrant orange that tips its hat towards both the Dutch origins of our name and that of the region’s history of citrus farming.

Points de vente

Winemaker: Jaco van Niekerk
Région: Citrusdal